Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Cats, hats, dishes and kisses. What do babies DO?

I am now 6 weeks from Boy2's 'due date'. Which in my experience means I'm 8 weeks from giving birth. Boy1 outstayed his welcome by 2 whole weeks. He was due on the Diamond Jubilee in 2012, by the time he actually turned up there wasn't a Union Jack left in sight! So, Boy2, who is 'due' a week before Christmas will no doubt make his entrance sometime around New Year.

As this phantom date draws closer I've been trying to get my head into 'newborn mode' again. The thing is, I can't really remember what they do. How can someone who does so little take up so much of your time and space and brain?

Boy1 does a million things that I love, every single day. How on earth will Boy2 compete with all of this....


Boy1 seeks out hats (there are quite a few in our house) and puts them on (all by himself). Then he comes to me, asks for my phone and takes 'selfies' of himself in the hats. Seriously. Selfies in hats! Sure newborns can wear hats... I can take photos of Boy2 in hats... They'll be cute. But they won't be selfies in hats!!
Boy1's first hat selfie (with added anonymity!)


Boy1 chases cats. He can be playing a game, or swinging on a swing and notice a cat skulking in the bushes on the other side of the park. He can tell me there's a cat, do impressions of a cat and answer questions about the cat he can see. "Where's the cat?" "Is it Grandma's cat?". Then he can choose to do something (chase/stroke/ignore/talk to the cat).
Babies can't chase cats. They don't know what cats are and they certainly can't make cute 'miaow' noises on demand!


Boy1 blows kisses to people he loves when he says goodbye. He makes the 'mmmwah' noise. He kisses his cuddly toys when he wakes up next to them in his cot. As he climbs the stairs for bed with BoyDad he sticks his head through the bannisters and kisses me through each one on the way up. Oh my god, my heart has just melted all over the keyboard just thinking about Boy1's kisses! Newborns don't kiss. They can't even see you to start with!

Even 'baby' gets the occasional snog!


Boy1 is so keen to do what Mummy and Daddy do that sometimes he's actually helpful! He thinks that doing the washing up is brilliant. Ok, he needs a bit of help with the dishes, but he's got the right idea and being able to get housework done at the same time as having quality time with him is incredible! He loves putting his bathtoys away at the end of bathtime and can even hang up laundry. Babies might be cute, but I've never seen one stack it's books away at the end of the day.


Boy1 provides his own fun. I don't have to think of things for him to do to entertain him. All I need to do to have a happy little boy for 20 minutes is to put his wellies on and point him in the direction of a puddle. He will splash in it, investigate leaves floating in it, stir it with a stick he found, try to pick up the water in it, put mud in it... His tiny little brain is whizzing at top speed all day long. He has ideas. New babies don't have their own ideas, they don't even understand other people's ideas. What goes on in their teeny weeny little heads?


Something both boys will be able to do is cuddle. Boy1's cuddles are amazing. He stares up at me at bedtime as his eyes are drooping with tiredness and I know he loves me more than anything. He reaches his clammy little starfish hand up to touch my cheek and I am the happiest woman alive. But they are short. And heavily rationed. If it's not bedtime, or Boy1 is poorly, I'm lucky to get a quick hug as he runs past me to investigate a puzzle piece under the sofa.

Nothing compares to these early cuddles!
Now, this is where newborns come into their own. Cuddles may well be their only strength. But boy, do they do it well. Those heart warming, ego-boosting, relaxing cuddles that last 10 minutes at the end of the day with Boy1 will last all night long with Boy2. He won't be rushing off to chase a cat or bury a conker under some leaves. He'll be all mine, and I'll be all he needs and I won't have to share him with the big exciting world.... Well, I might let BoyDad have some of the cuddles while I explore the world with B1 from time to time!


  1. I love this post - particularly the image of hat selfies - so cute. Newborn cuddles are just the best too. I'm writing this while cuddling baby J! All the best for the next few weeks - enjoy the time with Boy 1 before it all changes. My boy was born on New Year's Eve. Great time of year! X

  2. Aww, newborn cuddles are the best! I remember being amazed when my second came along how BIG my first seemed, and how old suddenly. The thing I found the strangest was that my newborn couldn't communicate with me. That took some getting used to! Now they're both big and bouncy and we are looking forward to more newborn cuddles in Spring next year :)

    Good luck with yours - sounds like it'll be a fun start to 2014!

  3. Thanks! Yes 2014 will be fun! (If by fun you mean we'll be too sleep deprived to remember the hard bits ;)


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