Saturday, 21 March 2015

The "Gender Neutral Parent" Book Review

You may have read previously that I have pretty strong beliefs that children are children and should not be forced into gender stereotypical behaviours or feelings. I've also written about my near-obsession with children's books. Well this post combines my 2 faves! It's about books about gender related stuff! (No one else in the world is excited by this are they?)

So this week I was asked to review a radical new book for children where a GIRL pretends to be a PILOT. I know, what is the world coming to? She doesn't even wear a skirt when she's flying the jumbo jet OR have the decency to defer to a man for help. In this post I will be reviewing the book I have been sent as well as 2 "gender neutral" books I bought myself. They are all available on Amazon but I do not recommend all 3. They turned out to be the good, the bad and the ugly of gender neutral children's books...

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Breastfed babies are stupid

In the news today everyone was reporting the results of an extensive research study that has concluded breastfed babies grow up to be clevererer than bottle fed babies and also earn more money. 

If I learnt anything at university it was trust in good quality randomised control studies always question things for yourself! So in the interest of science, I have conducted a little study of my own today. In fairness, I only had access to 2 subjects. (We'll call them subject A and subject B) and I have no bottle fed babies to compare them with, so my trial is somewhat lacking a control arm but I think you'll find the results speak for themselves.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

10 things parents of giant babies experience

1. When people buy "the next size up" so they can grow into it. And it still doesn't fit...

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Easter Story

Easter is coming, and aside from the annual inner torment of wanting to eat ALL the chocolate AND lose weight, I have a new concern this year. This year is the first year I might get asked the question all non-religious parents dread...

"What IS Easter Mummy?"
"Umm... I don't really know darling."

I literally don't know. Still, there's nothing you can't google is there?

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Will you love your second baby as much as your first?

My friend is 9 months pregnant with her second born, a little sister for her beloved toddler son. Everyone is excited for her, but I know along with excitement she's nervous, uncertain and downright scared about being a Mummy of two! One of my main worries before the birth of my second born was the big question you're not allowed to ask:


I remember being 9 months pregnant with my second son with a heavy belly and an even heavier heart. I was (secretly) certain I would not love this baby as much as I loved my first. How could I?

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