Saturday, 31 January 2015

How to make Mum friends: a guide to play-dating.

Mums need Mumfriends. It's just a given. No matter how much you love your non-Mum friends, no matter how good they are with your kids... If they haven't cried at 4am because their nipples are bleeding or spent 17 straight hours googling colic, they just don't get it. You can't survive the perils of motherhood alone.

Get yourself some Mumfriends. Stat.

"It's not that easy blog-lady" I hear you cry... "You can't just GET friends"

Dude. Yes you can. 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Digital Well-Being Program for Pregnancy

This is a sponsored post in association with Kiqplan.

Are you pregnant and trying to keep fit and healthy this January?

We all know that the old adage "eating for two" doesn't mean "eating twice as much" but when you're pregnant you are eating for both you and your baby. Which means you need to eat healthy, nutritious food in spite of whatever urges you have to live solely off McDonalds and pancakes. This article is written in association with Kiqplan who have developed a digital well-being program for pregnant women. I could have done with a little help keeping on track with a health lifestyle through my pregnancies! I was sick as a dog from day one in my first pregnancy and lived off energy drinks and the odd smoothie*, then in my second I was so pleased not to be vomitting non-stop that I ATE non-stop instead! (*Just remembered that later on, once I stopped puking, my body made up for it by giving me the weirdest braeburn apple cravings!)

There is clear evidence to suggest that exercising in the right way, and eating a well-balanced diet, is good for both you and your unborn child. In addition, being strong, fit and healthy will increase the chances of you having a stress and problem-free labour. Thanks to this new pregnancy fitness plan, the help you need to achieve this goal can be available whenever you need it - at the touch of a button.

Pregnant and the skinniest I've ever been. Thanks to continual puking!
NOT good for my pregnancy well-being!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Why is gender neutral parenting so hard?

The concept of 'gender neutral parenting' has been in the media a lot recently. When I heard the phrase I immediately identified with it and thought "yep, we do that".

Apparently some families have gone so far as to not reveal the gender of their child to anyone, and so refer to their offspring as 'it' rather than 'he' or 'she'. We have not gone that far but I would say that as parents we take a lot of care to avoid gender stereotyping and to promote gender equality to our children. We go out of our way to teach our boys that they can be and do whatever they want and that girls can also be or do whatever they want.

We are raising feminist boys. Boys who believe that people are equal, regardless of their gender. Boys who respect themselves for who they are, whoever that may be. Boys who respect women as equals. Boys who believe that any person can do any job, play any sport, do any hobby, play with any toy they choose.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

How Christmas changes when you have children

Ah Christmas is coming. Lovely, relaxing, boozy, joyous, gluttonous Christmas.

Well not anymore sucker, you went and had babies didn't you, and ruined the whole bloody thing!!!

Let me fill you in on the things you'll miss about Christmas once you have little sprites of your own to make it 'magical' for...

Christmas Shopping

Remember in your early twenties before kids, and you had disposable income? When you had money to spend on romantic gestures, gifts for your friends, a new outfit for YOURSELF for Christmas Day? Well those days are long gone buddy. Kids suck up all your money along with your time and energy. Now you have no spare money to get your partner anything they actually want. 

No, now you'll get your husband "World's Best Dad" socks "from the kids" while your stupid maternal infatuation tricks you into accidentally spending a fortune on things for the kids that they don't even understand. (Hello Complete Works of Dr Suess for my 6 month old first born.)

Even sadder than that is the fact you'll do ALL of your Christmas shopping online. No one can brave the Christmas shops with 2 toddlers in tow, so you won't be browsing and finding inspiration in the shops, listening to the Christmas tunes, sipping a festive coffee. Eggnog latte anyone?... Oh no, not for you.  You will be frantically googling "gifts for 5 year olds" and "presents for Grandma" in bed in the few short hours between the kids bedtime and your own.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Keep Your Child Safe This Christmas with a Flu Jab

This is a sponsored post.
The arrival of Christmas often spells the start of an upturn in the number of children contracting the flu virus. Winter is an ideal time for the flu virus to spread, and it can spread very quickly, especially in families with young children. For fit and healthy children, flu can lead to several days in bed. But for those with existing health issues, the effects can be far more serious. A flu vaccination vastly reduces the risk of your child contracting the virus, so it's a good idea to contact a flu vaccine clinic well before the festive season arrives.
Currently only children aged 2 to 4 are being offered the flu vaccine on the NHS, unless the child has a long term health condition. The BBC recently reported that too few toddlers are turning up to have their vaccinations and part of the reason is a lack of awareness.

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